Membership Criteria

ARTICLE III – Membership

The Organization of Counseling Center Directors in Higher Education is composed of counseling center directors from eligible counseling centers in the California State Universities, University of California, and private universities and colleges in California.

Section 1. Membership Criteria

a. To be eligible for membership, the “director” will generally:

  1. be recognized by their campus as holding a position commensurate with the role of “director” (though given the range of campus structures some variability in language may be considered);
  2. be ultimately responsible for clinical decision making within their campus counseling center; and
  3. be a licensed mental health professional.

b. The director will oversee a counseling center that:

  1. functions as a counseling and psychological services unit at an accredited four-year college or university in California;
  2. is staffed by career employee(s) of the university and is subject to university regulations and standards;
  3. provides, within available resources, a range of counseling and psychological services; and
  4. complies with legal and ethical standards of the profession.

Section 2. Emeritus Membership may be open to any person, upon retirement from their counseling center role,who has been a member of OCCDHE for a minimum of five years. Emeritus members are non-voting and do not pay membership dues.

Section 3. Eligibility for membership will be reviewed and determined by the Steering Committee. Exceptions to the membership criteria outlined above will be considered at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

Section 4. The annual dues, payable at the beginning of each fiscal year, shall be determined and collected in a manner approved by the Steering Committee.

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